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Meet TempGuard, the innovative solution poised to redefine temperature monitoring and protect your critical assets. With advanced features, real-time insights, and an intuitive interface, TempGuard ensures precise temperature conditions, guaranteeing quality and compliance. Combining top-of-the-line IoT technology with an easy online dashboard, TempGuard delivers instant alerts via calls, SMS, and emails. Experience transformative capabilities and elevate operational efficiency with TempGuard.

Why TempGuard?


Automated Alert

The system sends instant alerts through phone, SMS, and email for temperature deviations, enabling quick action to maintain safety and prevent product loss.


Real-time Temperature Monitoring

TempGuard provides highly accurate, real-time monitoring with less than a 1% error rate, enabling immediate responses to critical temperature changes to protect product integrity.


Remote Access and Control

With the ability to remotely monitor and adjust temperature settings from anywhere, TempGuard offers flexibility and continuous oversight.


Data Management and Security

TempGuard features a user-friendly dashboard for real-time and historical data analysis, alongside secure data transmission, supporting informed decision-making and reporting.


Customizable Alerts and Rules

Users can configure alert thresholds and notification pathways, ensuring that critical alerts are sent to the appropriate personnel via call, SMS, WhatsApp (Upcoming), or email.


Backup Battery for Continuous Power

A robust backup battery ensures that monitoring and alerts continue without interruption, even during power outages.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

TempGuard offers valuable solutions to the pharmaceutical industry by ensuring precise temperature monitoring and control, crucial for maintaining the efficacy and safety of medications and vaccines.

Food & Beverage

TempGuard’s temperature monitoring and alerting capabilities ensure food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance in the food and beverage industry.

Cold Storage & Warehousing

TempGuard provides real-time temperature monitoring and alerting capabilities, offering high value to the cold room and storage industry.


TempGuard brings significant value to the agriculture industry with its real-time temperature monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Device TypeIoT Temperature Monitoring
PowerExternal power with backup batteries (up to 3 days)
MethodsSMS, Call, Email
DashboardOnline, tracks up to 2 months of data
TypePC104 Penta-band PCB
Operating Temp-40°C to +85°C
ProtocolGSM, IoT
Operating Temp-20°C to +60°C
TypeWaterproof, stainless steel
Accuracy±0.5°C (-10°C to 85°C)
Power Range3.3V to 5V
Additional Features
No Wi-Fi Required
Excel Data Download
Multiple Device Management
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